Lindberg 1/16 1914 Mercedes Racer, 6605

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Lindberg 1/16 1914 Mercedes Racer, 6605 plastic model kit

1/16 6605 Lindberg 1914 Mercedes Racer

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good

NOTE: builder kit only. Please read carefully. Large scale model with simplified assembly. Features full frame and motor, interior and removable hood. NOTE: this kit has very neat assembly and paint. The frame, underpan, gas tank and one shock absorber have been assembled. The seat has been assembled. Quality of assembly is excellent - no gaps and no visible glue. There is no other assembly. Many parts have one light coat of white or gray primer. This is neatly done and easily painted over with a top coat or more primer. NOTE: the body shell has been professionally modified, and I have shown it in the large photo. The work done is flawless and it fits the frame perfectly. It is filled, primed and ready for top coat paint. Since the body is modified, two correct underside exhaust are included in addition to the side exhaust. The two spare tires are not used in this configuration and are not present. All other parts and instructions are present.

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