Hobby House 1/22 Sikorsky XR-5 Flying Helicopter - 26 inch Rotor Diameter

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Hobby House 1/22 Sikorsky XR-5 Flying Helicopter - 26 inch Rotor Diameter plastic model kit

1/22 Hobby House Sikorsky XR-5 Flying Helicopter - 26 inch Rotor Diameter

Wood Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good+

Very rare. From 1945. The box top says 'Precision Detail Flying Scale Helicopter With Everything Needed To Build And Fly - Makes A Real Miniature Craft - Hovers - Climbs - Flies Forward, Backward, Sideways, Indoor or Outdoor.' From the looks of the instructions, this is true but the builder would need to be talented! This is a very complicated true-scale stick-and-tissue model that is rubber powered with operating main and tail rotors. The kit is very complete and consists of balsa printwood, pre-cut balsa main rotors, balsa stock as required, printed plywood, turned pulleys and cord for drive system, metal hardware and metal stock, fully formed main and nose wheels, covering material, clear cockpit covering material, factory glass bottles of glue and shellac (dried up), rubber band motor (dried and cracked) and huge, highly detailed plans with comprehensive text instructions. The body of the XR-5 measures 21 inches long and has excellent detail for that time; it could be built for static display. But the patented operating system (by Professor T.N. De Bobovsky) is amazing. The model utilizes a removable motor stick and remote starter pin. The rear half of the helicopter disconnects from the front half at two plywood bulkheads to allow removal and installation of the motor. Power is transferred from the motor to a shaft, which is in turn wrapped in a strong cord. Through two pulleys, the main rotor turns. The tail rotor is driven by a separate string attached to a pulley (of a different diameter) on the main rotor drive shaft. This drives the tail rotor (with 2 more pulleys) at the proper speed to produce straight flight. The entire main rotor mechanism is adjustable so you can climb, hover, go forwards or backwards, etc. The plans contain extensive detailed text instructions as well as full size drawings, dozens of detailed drawings (main of the mechanism) and extensive text describing the mechanism as well. This was clearly a very well-thought out kit and would provide a challenge for even the most experienced wooden kit modeler! The kit has never been started and has been inventoried complete with all parts and plans. I believe I was the first person to unfold the plans; they are in 'excellent++' condition with very minor wear and yellowing. The box has a short, illustrated history of the Helicopter on the front of the box. Hobby House was out of New York City. Little is known about them but they also made a very similar flying kit of the beautiful Higgins EB-1.

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