Hawk 1/72 F4D Skyray Triangle Box, 402

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Hawk 1/72 F4D Skyray Triangle Box, 402 plastic model kit

1/72 402 Hawk F4D Skyray Triangle Box

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good+

Rare Triangle Box issue from about 1957/58. As a marketing experiment, Hawk tried this novel and colorful box only with the Skyray. Dealers found it difficult to stack with other kits and it was discontinued. Molded in correct gloss white with a green-tinted clear canopy and brown pilot. Never started. Inventoried 100% complete with all parts, decals and instructions. This box rates as 'good.' It is completely solid and free of repairs but has general wear and left upper corner damage as shown. Luckily, it is missing the factory tape seals that are usually across the top corners.