Ideal Aeroplane & Supply 1/380 RMS Queen Mary Ocean Liner - 32 Inch Long

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Ideal Aeroplane & Supply 1/380 RMS Queen Mary Ocean Liner -  32 Inch Long plastic model kit

1/380 Ideal Aeroplane & Supply RMS Queen Mary Ocean Liner - 32 Inch Long

Wood and Metal Model Kit,   Box Condition: Reproduction Box

Ideal was a famous producer of early model kits. In 1911 they released their first aircraft kit, which put them among the first USA model companies. Ideal was unique also in that they released large ocean liners, giving us the only big scale SS Normandie, SS America, Rex and RMS Queen Mary models ever made. This model is from around 1938 and measures 32 inches long when assembled. It has a pre-carved wood hull, numerous bristol board and cast metal fittings such as 24 lifeboats, 48 davits, stairs, winches, props, etc, assorted wooden stock, many neatly done printwood sheets and printed cardstock. The excellent plans are full size and in 'near mint' condition. The assembly procedure is detailed in writing and with the drawings. Sectional profiles are included as well as detail views. The kit has not been started. All parts have been inventoried complete with plans. Plans and cardstock parts are in almost new condition which is very rare. NOTE: the box is a reproduction box. The original one was tattered and the previous owner made this new box. He did an exceptional job. The lower part is heavy cardboard as is the top. The top is covered with a textured red paper just as the original and the top and side labels are cut out and glued on just as the original. It is such a good job that from any sort of distance it looks like a near mint original box.

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