Life-Like 1/110 HMS Revenge (ex-Pyro), 09263

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Life-Like 1/110 HMS Revenge (ex-Pyro), 09263 plastic model kit

1/110 09263 Life-Like HMS Revenge (ex-Pyro)

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed VG-

Still factory sealed but the seal has split and the box has wear. From the mid 1970s and original Pyro molds. This kit is from the excellent intermediate size sailing ship series. Overall length is about 8 inches when assembled. An excellent kit for its day (the 1960s), it features full hull, intricate wood planking and texture, detailed decorative higher sold moldings, separately molded deck cannon/carriages, anchors, wall and more. Includes separate masts, ratlines and full billowing sails. Molded in wood brown and ivory. The Revenge was an Elizabethan Galleon launched in 1577. Revenge had 46 guns and was 92 feet long. She was part of Sir Francis Drake's fleet of 80 ships that defeated the Armada. In 1661 the Revenge was attacked by a fleet of 16 Spanish Galleons. She sank two and disabled two of her enemy before being forced to surrender. Three days later she was sunk in a storm while returning to Spain as a war prize. Still factory sealed. Hull is about 7 inches long.

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