Revell 1/11 Allison Prop-Jet (Turbo Prop) Engine 501-D13 - Motorized, H1552-598

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Revell 1/11 Allison Prop-Jet (Turbo Prop) Engine 501-D13 - Motorized, H1552-598 plastic model kit

1/11 H1552-598 Revell Allison Prop-Jet (Turbo Prop) Engine 501-D13 - Motorized

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG

Very rare first and only motorized release from 1960. The box is in very good condition with great color, gloss and four solid corners. There is general wear as shown. Large 1/11 scale model is 16 inches long when assembled. The model is motorized and the propeller, gear box, main shaft, compressor and turbine blades all operate. Very highly detailed kit with full internal engine details including air inlet breather, fittings, tubes and vanes. The interconnecting structure and torquemeter is fully detailed and has the complete propeller linkage system. The reduction gear assembly has a hinged door that opens to show 6 working gears. The spinner hub can be rotated to change the prop pitch. Compressor and combustion section includes 14 movable rotors, hinged door with stator vane detail and one removable combustion chamber-liner. The turbine and exhaust section has a hinged door that reveals rotor detail, shaft and aft end - all operating. Doors open to show engine interior. This model has never been started. Inside is the blue internal cardboard display. All silver and motorizing parts, electric motor/hardware are still sealed in factory bags. One bag has been opened; I have inventoried it 100% complete including decals and instructions as well as the special booklet.

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