Revell 1/388 Great Eastern - First of the Great Steamships, H393-498

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Revell 1/388 Great Eastern - First of the Great Steamships, H393-498 plastic model kit

1/388 H393-498 Revell Great Eastern - First of the Great Steamships

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG

Hard-to-find kit of this historic ship. Very rare early USA issue 1960s hardbox in very good condition. Includes framable John Steel boxart. Measures 22.25 inches long when built. Very nicely detailed model. Never started. Inventoried 100% complete with all parts, decals and instructions. NOTE: although all parts are present, some strait, narrow support braces are missing from the paddle wheel walkway. (You can see them on the box art just forward of the paddle wheels.) This was a weak spot and this damage is unfortunately common. However, they are easy to replace, and I have included plastic stock of the correct size. The Great Eastern (originally Leviathan) was the work of English Designer I.K. Brunel. In the 1850s there was a need for large ocean liners to carry the immigrant trade, but none existed. Shipping companies also wanted the interiors of ocean liners to look like hotels, but there simply no space. This ship was to solve that problem. She was launched in 1857 and five times bigger than any other ship of the day! The 22,500 ton Great Eastern was 693 feet long and carried 4000 passenger. Unfortunately, her career was one mishap after another until she found fame by laying the trans-Atlantic cable.

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