Airfix 1/76 Bloodhound Missile - MPC/Airfix Issue, A209V

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Airfix 1/76 Bloodhound Missile - MPC/Airfix Issue, A209V plastic model kit

1/76 A209V Airfix Bloodhound Missile - MPC/Airfix Issue

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed Exc

Still factory sealed. 1960s issue. Note the rare 'MPC - Airfix' Blue Stamp logo in the lower left. MPC marketed Airfix kits for years, but rarely did the two names appear together on a kit. A detailed and well molded kit. Includes one Bloodhound missile, the transport truck, working launcher assembly, transport trailer, crew of three and a dog. The Bloodhound was an early Mach 2 surface to air missile that defended Great Britain. The range was about 60 miles. The Bloodhound was launched with four solid rocket boosters. Once these burned out and fell away, the main ramjet took over and the missile road a radar beam to the illuminated target.

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