Revell 1/32 Professionally Re-Worked 1/32 Hawker Hurricane - Bagged, H217

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Revell 1/32 Professionally Re-Worked 1/32 Hawker Hurricane - Bagged, H217 plastic model kit

1/32 H217 Revell Professionally Re-Worked 1/32 Hawker Hurricane - Bagged

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: No Box

Builder kit only. Kit includes much more than pictured, so please read carefully. This kit has not been built but has been reworked and had parts built from scratch to museum quality. It is rare that I see this type of work; the builder easily put over 100 hours in the corrections done. These include: fuselage halves with corrected fuselage openings that have been realistically 'thinned', corrected panel lines and rivets on the forward 'metal' section, drilled out and realistically 'thinned' hand and foot holds, corrected cowl opening and more. All modifications ar perfectly smooth and ready for priming. The rudder has been cut off; a new accurate vertical stabilizer has been made from scratch and the original 'fabric' covered rudder fits into it. The horizontal stabilizers are extended so they are the correct dimensions and the elevators made the correct length with the correct trim tabs added. Finished and ready to prime. The cockpit is about 1/2 done with correct modified floor, scratch built and fit bulkhead, scratch build seat, completely re-worked and flawlessly painted instrument panel, and completely reworked control stick that must be seen to be believed. The lower wing has been reworked to remove improper rivets and the gear well has been flawlessly reworked to the proper depth. The top wings have the improper rivets removed. Like the lower wings, the correct 'fabric cover' on the ailerons was left intact. The prop blades have been reworked to the correct length and shape and are ready for primer. The spinner has been extended correctly also and is ready for primer. The engine cowl cover has been completely reworked to make it the correct contour and size. Part number 47, the underwing carb intake has been made from scratch to museum quality - an amazing piece of work all on it's own. The six exhaust manifolds have been drilled out with 'thinned' ends and completely re-shaped to be correct. Again, all work is museum quality. The kit has not been built. The following parts are missing: (2) wheel hubs, (1) clear wing tip light), rear canopy and part #11 exhaust manifold. However, a part that he was intending to use for this is included. There are no instructions or decals.

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