Protar 1/12 Ferrari 312-b2 (1971 / 1972) - 1/12 Scale Kit, 133

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Protar 1/12 Ferrari 312-b2 (1971 / 1972) - 1/12 Scale Kit, 133 plastic model kit

1/12 133 Protar Ferrari 312-b2 (1971 / 1972) - 1/12 Scale Kit

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good++

Large 1/12 scale kit that is very highly detailed and builds up like the actual car. The engine is a masterpiece and a kit in itself, including pistons, connecting rods, bearing caps, spark plugs and much more. The transmission is the same, including all internal gearing. Also includes brake lines, cables, all cockpit wiring, ignition wiring, completely detailed chassis, working suspension, interior and much more. Molded in bright red, white, black, silver, gold, chrome plate, a very large number of flexible lines, rubber tires and metal parts (such as suspension springs). The kit has not been started. NOTE: missing one very small #5 round part that is internal to the transmission. Four #5 parts are required; three are present and this would be a very easy part to resin cast. If you are not worried about the transmission working, the part is not needed. The kit has been inventoried with all other parts present including decals and instructions.

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