AMT 1/25 1957 Ford Thunderbird (T-Bird) 3 in 1 Kit - Stock / Customized / Stylized, T2257

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AMT 1/25 1957 Ford Thunderbird (T-Bird) 3 in 1 Kit - Stock /  Customized / Stylized, T2257 plastic model kit

1/25 T2257 AMT 1957 Ford Thunderbird (T-Bird) 3 in 1 Kit - Stock / Customized / Stylized

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good

NOTE: builder or parts kit only. Please read carefully. Kit has been started and is missing parts. Nicely done kit from the late 1950s/early 1960s that can be built different ways including the wild stylized version shown at the left of the box artwork. Assembly: engine has been built. Wheels are neatly built. The front Stylized bumper treatment/extension has been glued together (2 parts) but not glued to the car. There is glue neatly applied to where the hood would sit, but it was not glued. The chassis is painted; there is no other paint or assembly. The parts are generally dirty and will need to be cleaned The clear will need to be polished. The front W/S can be sanded and polished but the back Stylized one has glue smears. It may be able to be saved as it is not melted. Missing Parts: The stock version is missing the distributor and fender skirts. The intake manifold is a replacement but it fits well. The Stylized version includes the critical parts - new, extended front end, extended rear end, clear headlight covers, tail cone rear lights, underside front scoop and radical roof. Missing: grill insert, hood scoop, continental kit and several small custom bezels. The custom version is missing so many parts that it could not be built. Missing four spinners, rear nacelle, front and back custom grills, custom skirts, custom headlights, trophy and accessories. No decals but instructions are included. Kit is sold AS-IS as a rough builder or parts kit.

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