Airmodel 1/72 Focke-Wulf FW-191 Medium Bomber - Bagged, AM-051

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Airmodel 1/72 Focke-Wulf FW-191 Medium Bomber - Bagged, AM-051 plastic model kit

1/72 AM-051 Airmodel Focke-Wulf FW-191 Medium Bomber - Bagged

Multimedia Model Kit,   Box Condition: Bagged

Very high quality multi-media kit of a rare subject. The kit consists of vacuform main airframe parts with very fine recessed panel lines, clear canopies and resin details. The vacform parts are of higher quality than many injection molded kits. The resin parts are of very high quality also and include props, engines, wheels, main gear struts, tail wheel strut, tail wheel and cockpit seats. The kit has not been started and is inventoried complete with all parts, plans, paint and marking guide, specifications, actual aircraft photos and aircraft history as well as drawing of the FW-191C. The FW-191 was Focke-Wulf's response to a winter 1939/40 Bomber 'B' RLM specification for a 373 mph medium bomber that could carry 8,820 lbs of bombs to any part of the British Isles from bases in France or Norway. In July of 1940, four firms submitted their proposals; the Arado Ar-340, Dornier Do-317, Fw-191 and Junkers Ju-288. The Ju-288 and the FW-191 were selected for full development. A shocking condition of the Focke-Wulf contract was that the 191 had to be produced with electrical systems throughout - no hydraulic or similar system were allowed. This earned the design it's nickname, 'The Flying Power Station' or 'Fliegendes Kraftwerk'. V1 and V2 were built and flight tested without the required Jumo 222 power plants. With the BMW 801A radials, the aircraft was underpowered and with the weight from the electrical system, overall performance sub-standard. None of this reflected badly on the design, and Focke-Wulf made repeated requests for changes and the correct engines. Finally, permission was given to suspend work on V3-V5 and make changes to V6. V6 flew well in the spring of 1943 on down-rated 222 engines providing only 90% of the promised output. But as early as mid 1942 the prospects for this 2,500 hp class engine were bleak due to a shortage of proper materials. In the end, this killed the B Bomber design. Focke-Wulf proposed other engines and combinations for the 191, but by that time Germany had other priorities and V6 was the last FW-191 built.

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