J Roberts 1/14 AU-1 (F4U) Corsair - 34 Inch Wingspan Flying Model, JRS-2

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J Roberts 1/14 AU-1 (F4U) Corsair - 34 Inch Wingspan Flying Model, JRS-2 plastic model kit

1/14 JRS-2 J Roberts AU-1 (F4U) Corsair - 34 Inch Wingspan Flying Model

Wood Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG

Rare J. Roberts 'Flight Control' Model Mfg. Co. kit from Baker, Oregon. This is a fascinating and well designed kit with a very large degree of prefabrication. There is no fabric covering - everything is covered with wood. The engineering is fascinating. For example, the wooden fuselage skins are in two parts (left and right) and are 100% formed, cut and shaped single sheets. The gull wing panels for the wing are fully shaped and cut, and the leading edge wing spar is fully shaped from balsa. The rudder and elevator are completely precut, as are numerous other parts that are fully shaped. Also features a spun aluminum cowl, clear vacuformed canopy (still in mint condition with no yellowing), shaped leading and trailing edges of balsa and hardwood, die-cut balsa parts, wire control linkage, full size plans and more. The kit has never been started. Inventoried with all aircraft pieces and plans present. NOTE: missing decals. J. Roberts line creator was J. Robert Smurthwaite. Bob Smurthwaite was a life-long Control Line flier and competitor who originated the three-line throttle controlling hardware, which was a matched set of a bellcrank for three lines and matching three-line handle. He created and sold several iconic kits, like the Martin AM-1 Mauler, designed for Control Line's Navy Carrier Event. His kits set a very high standard for the industry and are considered second only to the Lou Proctor line (which are considered museum grade). In the early 1990s Bob Smurthwaite closed the factory down. He passed away in 1992.