Topping 1/102 Martin P6M-1 SeaMaster - Topping Factory Model - (P6M1)

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Topping 1/102 Martin P6M-1 SeaMaster - Topping Factory Model - (P6M1) plastic model kit

1/102 Topping Martin P6M-1 SeaMaster - Topping Factory Model - (P6M1)

Plastic Model Kit

Rare. Mid 1950s model made by Topping Models of Akron, OH for the Glen Martin Company. Martin presented these to various Navy brass and pilots as a marketing tool for the project. Made in a large 1/102 scale, this SeaMaster is 16 inches long and comes with it's original blue translucent water base which displays the P6M up 'on the step', with the majority of the hull out of the water. This is the early version of the SeaMaster - with the straight, staggered exhaust. On the -2 variant, the exhaust was angled slightly outward and grouped differently. The base and aircraft are 100% original - there has been no repainting and the decals are from the factory. The only decal wear is one the top of the horizontal stabilizer. The paint is excellent with very little wear. At some point, the horizontal stabilizer (a weak point on this model) broke off. It has been repaired and the quality of work is very good. There are no other issues - it is a beautiful model that displays very well. This item must be mailed with insurance.

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