Airframe 1/72 Etrich Taube - Bagged, 19

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Airframe 1/72 Etrich Taube - Bagged, 19 plastic model kit

1/72 19 Airframe Etrich Taube - Bagged

Vacuform Model Kit

Basic vacuform kit. The kit has not been started and is complete with all parts and instructions. Vacuform kits are not recommended for this without experience with this type of kit. The Taube was designed by Igo Etrich in 1910 in Austria. It was eventually built by several German aircraft companies and saw widespread service during WWI. For example, a Taube dropped bombs on Paris in August of 1915, with a note calling for the city to surrender. It was a Rumpler Taube that reported a Russian advance along the battle of Tannenberg in 1915, and a single Taube was operated from Tsingtao during the siege of that city by Anglo-Japanese forces from September to November of 1914.

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