Lindberg 1/60 PT Boat by Paul Lindberg - (P.T. Boat), 701-198

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Lindberg 1/60 PT Boat by Paul Lindberg - (P.T. Boat), 701-198 plastic model kit

1/60 701-198 Lindberg PT Boat by Paul Lindberg - (P.T. Boat)

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc-

Very rare 1950s Lindberg 1st issue with the early round logo. Very large and nicely detailed kit with over 120 parts. This early issue still features metal stanchions and metal hand rails. The kit has never been started. It has been inventoried complete with all parts complete and includes flag sheet, decals and instructions. This kit has a very interesting history. It was originally produced by Varney in 1944. It was novel at the time as it had a wooden hull, cardstock deck but all injection molded tenite deck parts and details. But the world was not ready for this type of kit and dealers were hesitant to carry it - which resulted in low sales. Gorden Varney sold the molds for the kit to O-lin (Olsen and Lindberg). O-Lin reworked the kit using a vacuform hull, cardstock and tenite parts. When Lindberg took full control of O-lin, he went to an injection molded hull, colorful cardstock 'wood' deck, plastic parts, metal stanchions and other metal stock an needed (prop shafts, etc). This is that model.

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