Aurora 1/48 Northrop N-156 (F-5 Prototype) Freedom Fighter, 140-98

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Aurora 1/48 Northrop N-156 (F-5 Prototype) Freedom Fighter, 140-98 plastic model kit

1/48 140-98 Aurora Northrop N-156 (F-5 Prototype) Freedom Fighter

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good++

1962 issue with fantastic Jo Kotula box artwork. This kit is a very good representation of the rare 'Freedom Fighter' prototype N-156. It developed into the F-5, which was widely exported and saw service in over 30 countries. Only three of the N-156 prototypes were built. The design centered around two GE J85 turbojets which originally powered the ADM-20 Quail decoy carried by the B-52 fleet. Initially there seemed to be little demand until President Kennedy's Military Assistance Program required a low-cost fighter that could be provided to US Allies. The N-156 was easily the top choice. It was renamed the F-5 and the rest is history - it became one of the most widely used fighter/bombers in post-WWII history and is still in service in some air forces. Kit includes pilot, cockpit and instrument panel and three drop tanks and early AIM-9 Sidewinder Air-to-Air Missiles. The kit has never been started. NOTE: missing one landing gear brace. This part is easily reproduced from pulled sprue or stock plastic. Otherwise inventoried with all other parts, decals and instructions.

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