KVZ 1/100 Lufthansa Turbinen Baade 152 Airliner - Built - No Box

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KVZ 1/100 Lufthansa Turbinen Baade 152 Airliner - Built - No Box plastic model kit

1/100 KVZ Lufthansa Turbinen Baade 152 Airliner - Built - No Box

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: No Box

Very rare. This is a built up KVZ Baade 152 kit that was factory painted silver and dark blue. The factory paint is in very good condition and the decals have been neatly applied but have aged. The factory paint is the only paint on the model. The kit is complete with all parts. The kit was at one time neatly built with very little glue. As a result, most parts have come cleanly apart. The fuselage halves still have the locating pins and holes and the fit is excellent. One horizontal stabilizer is intact, the other has the locating tab broken off. The two tip tanks and engine pods are neatly assembled. The engine pylons have two of the four locating pins still remaining. One wing is intact; the other wing has a 2 inch by 1/4 inch section missing on the inboard end (photo). Both main and nose struts are complete with locating pins, and all 10 wheels are complete. The KVZ antenna material is present but was never put on the model. This is an aircraft with a very interesting history. In 1952, German Aircraft Engineers (some from Junkers) working in Russia had developed a design for a twin engine bomber known as 150. The engineers were returned to what was now East Germany, and headed by former Junkers designer Brunolf Baade, they designed the 152. Initially the Soviets showed interest, as did other Warsaw Pact countries. The program suffered early on from economic and material issues. The delay resulted in 152 V1 rolling out in 1958. During the second test flight, the aircraft crashed about 3 miles short of the runway, killing all on board. The cause for the crash was never released. The next two prototypes were completed with modifications and the second one flew. By this time (1961) the Russians and other Pact countries showed no interest, and the program was halted. This was the end of all GDR aircraft construction.

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