Hand-Made U-Control (Control Line) Aircraft - Never Flown

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 Hand-Made U-Control (Control Line) Aircraft - Never Flown plastic model kit

Hand-Made U-Control (Control Line) Aircraft - Never Flown

Wood and Metal Model Kit

This dated from the early to mid 1960s and was in a collection of incredibly well build stick & tissue and solid models. This is not store bought but is a home-made flying model. It has a 24 inch wingspan and is 18 inches long. The model is very, very durable. I do not know what it is made of, but it's so tough that you can't poke a hole in it with your finger. It is not plastic - I tend to think it has a balsa fuselage and balsa or sheeted wings. The wing and stabilizer have a beautiful airfoil, and the fuselage is perfectly symmetrical. The gas tank is built into the fuselage and has brass fill and vent tubes. The engine mount is carved out of solid wood and even includes three of four mounting screws and washers. The elevator controls are metal and work perfectly. The landing gear is strong spring steel and the wheels spin freely. They are held in place on the front and back by soldered brass washers. The paint job was done by hand and is fantastic. If you install and engine, she is ready to fly or display.

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