Hawk 1/48 Supermarine S6B, 700

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Hawk 1/48 Supermarine S6B, 700 plastic model kit

1/48 700 Hawk Supermarine S6B

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Fair

Very rare kit for the advanced collector. The Hawk model company was the most innovative in America and had been making constant 1/48 scale models in wood with metal accessories since the late 1920s. During the re-run of the World's Fair in 1933, Hawk may have made the world's first injection molded airplanes models - but they were not kits. The models were completely finished and were on display for the then-large sum of $25 each. The Mates brothers, who founded and ran Hawk, were quick to incorporate this new technology by replacing the metal detail parts with injection molded details to the wooden kits in the late 1930s. During the war, Hawk put it's injection molding knowledge to work making ID models for the US Armed Forces. Originally there was a nation-wide program to have children and adults make these from wood, but consistency was an issue - injection molded solved this problem. Immediately after WWII in 1946, Hawk made the Curtiss Racer model injection molded in black tenite. The box was a simple one-color affair. This may have been the first injection molded airplane kit produced in the USA; another contender is the Varney's PT-17. Both met a very cool reception at hobby shops. Hawk quickly changed the Curtiss box to two colors and added box artwork while molding the kit is bright yellow acetate. In 1947, Hawk approached toy stores since hobby shops were giving the kit poor promotion. The toy stores did much better. Spurred on by toy store sales in 1947, Hawk added four classic racers in 1948, all molded in acetate - the Gee Bee, Howard Ike, Laird Solution and the Supermarine S6B. Hawk made the switch to polystyrene in 1949. This kit is the one in polystyrene in about 1950 but is evidently the second box art issue as the first one showed an aircraft in the air and on the water. Like the first issue, this is a one-piece 'flip-top' box. The box is only in fair condition - there is significant wear and clear tape - but the kit inside has never been started and is in mint condition.

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