Heller 1/400 Jean Bart French Battleship, L1020

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Heller 1/400 Jean Bart French Battleship, L1020 plastic model kit

1/400 L1020 Heller Jean Bart French Battleship

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc

Early issue of a very rare kit. The Jean Bart has one of the most famous and incredible stories of WWII. The ship was far from complete and not seaworthy at the time of the German Invasion. As the Germans progressed, they knew the status of the Jean Bart and attempted to capture her. It was common knowledge that she was in no condition to be moved, even by tow. When the Germans arrived at Breast, the impossible had occurred - the Jean Bart was gone. In a two-week time frame the French made the ship marginally seaworthy and accomplished tremendous engineering feats so the she could move under her own power. The voyage is equally amazing. The problems that plagued the Jean Bart every step of the way how they were overcome by an ingenious crew to make North Africa is a small book in itself. Free of the Nazi advance, the ship took part in the defense of North Africa. After the war, she was completed and entered the French Navy for a very long and distinguished service life. Heller is famous for fantastic detail on their ship kits and this model is no exception. Molded in detail is extra fine. The kit has never been started and all parts are still factory sealed inside.

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