Airfix 1/600 HMS Campbelltown - Craftmaster Issue, S2-39

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Airfix 1/600 HMS Campbelltown - Craftmaster Issue, S2-39 plastic model kit

1/600 S2-39 Airfix HMS Campbelltown - Craftmaster Issue

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good

1960s issue with dramatic Craftmaster artwork. Full-hull model is well detailed for that time. Never started. Inventoried complete with all parts and includes instructions. On March 8, 1942, the Campbeltown sailed up the Loire River. Her mission was to destroy the Normandie Drydock, a possible haven for the Tirpitz which was holed up on Norway at this time. The Campbeltown was disguised as a German warship and the bow was packed with 8500 lbs of high explosive depth charges. Under a RAF diversion, Campbeltown fought her way up the river and rammed the dock doors at full speed. Charges at the stern sank the back of the ship and she was wedged in the dock. During a German inspection 8 hours later, the charges went off, scattering parts of the ship up to one mile away. The dock was rendered useless to the Tirpitz, who now had to stay in Norway.

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