Renwal 1/500 USS Compass Island Experimental Ballistic Navigational Ship, S606-129

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Renwal 1/500 USS Compass Island Experimental Ballistic Navigational Ship, S606-129 plastic model kit

1/500 S606-129 Renwal USS Compass Island Experimental Ballistic Navigational Ship

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good-

Very rare. In the 1950s, the US Navy began a program called the "Fleet Ballistic Missile". Since missiles of the day had short range, it made sense to sail Navy ship within range and fire missiles from then. Nothing had ever been done like this before, so a special research ship was converted from a "Mariner" class cargo vessel. The USS Compass Island was the US Navy's experimental forerunner of ballistic missile-launching vessels. She was commissioned at the New York naval Shipyard on December 3, 1956. Displacing 17,000 tons, the Compass Island was designed to assist in the development of SINS, or the Ship Inertial Navigational System. Missiles can only hit targets if they know exactly where they were launched from. This early system was a distant relative of GPS, the Global Positioning System. The ship carried the usual crew in addition to many scientists. She was equipped with Regulus I missiles for testing as well as many other instruments from research on navigation done at the Instrumentation Laboratory and MIT. The Compass Island was also equipped with the Sperry Gyroscope Company's new Gyrofin Ship Stabilizer. These are included in the model and move as the real ones did to keep the Compass Island from rolling. Each fin provided 3,000 foot-tons of lift and reduced this motion by 90%. This kit is highly detailed, very finely molded and includes the Regulus I missiles and launcher. The kit has not been started and has been inventoried 100% complete with all parts, decals and instructions.

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