Airfix 1/144 TWO SR.N4 Hovercraft-Hoverlloyd Swift 'Montebatten' Class, SK912

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Airfix 1/144 TWO SR.N4 Hovercraft-Hoverlloyd Swift 'Montebatten' Class, SK912 plastic model kit

1/144 SK912 Airfix TWO SR.N4 Hovercraft-Hoverlloyd Swift 'Montebatten' Class

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG

Includes TWO kits but NOTE: read carefully, builders only. Large and very highly detailed featuring clear roof to show the interior, complete interior with all seats/tables/ cabins and car ferry area, optional position loading rams for thru-ship drive-on-drive off loading/unloading, 1/144 scale automobiles, complete bridge with control panel, seats, etc and much more. With decals for Hoverlloyd or BR Seaspeed version. NOTE: one model is 90% built to 'excellent to very good' standards and has only minor paint. The other kit is unbuilt. NOTE: NOT INVENTORIED and sold AS-IS, hence the low price. The parts are loose, so you are taking a chance. The original owner was fairly meticulous, so there is a good chance you will end up with one complete kit (and perhaps 2). In 1969 the first of four "Mountbatten" Class (SR.N4) Hovercraft entered commercial service on the channel crossing. The crossing could be made in 35 minutes at a high level of comfort.

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