Aeromodell 1/72 Goppingen Go-9 (Do-335 Testbed), WK12

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Aeromodell 1/72 Goppingen Go-9 (Do-335 Testbed), WK12 plastic model kit

1/72 WK12 Aeromodell Goppingen Go-9 (Do-335 Testbed)

Resin Model Kit

The brilliant aircraft designer Claudius Dornier filed at patent a design for an aircraft with two engines in 1937. The unique part was that both aircraft were located in the fuselage centerline, with one driving a propeller at the front and one a 'pusher' at the rear. There were many problems to solve before the airplane would become a reality. To test some of the concepts, Ulrich Hutter designed a small testbed aircraft featuring a rear pusher propeller, tricycle landing gear and a cruciform tail arrangement. The result was the Goppingen Go 9 built by Schempp-Hirth and powered by an 80 hp Hirth HM 60R engine mounted at aircraft CG. A long drive shaft drove the four blade wooden propeller. The designed proved to be a success. In time, Dornier submitted Projekt 231 to the Technische Amt. 231 became the Do-335, one of the fastest piston engined aircraft ever built. Never started. Still factory sealed.

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