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Frog Plastic Model Kits For Sale
Kit # Description Price Box Condition, Notes
A631 AMT/FROG Mosquito $24.00 VG+
154 P Hawker Sea Fury $18.00 Exc Blue Series
F174F Gloster Whittle E28 / 39 Pioneer $24.00 Sealed
F194 Spitfire XIV and V-1 Flying Bomb $24.00 Sealed Good
F179 Blackburn Shark Torpedo Bomber $28.00 Good
F402 Sepecat Jaguar A.2/T.2 $18.00 VG
F272 HS Harrier GR Mk.1 $18.00 Good, Orange Series
F417 Arado Ar234 Blitz Bomber $18.00 VG
F159 Mitchell Mk.II (B-25C) $20.00 Good, Minor painting of interior
F338 Martin Marauder II (B-26C) $20.00 VG, Orange Series
F170 Black Widow P-61 $22.00 VG, Orange Series
F202 Bf.110G Night Fighter $18.00 Good
F224 Avenger (TBF) Mk.II $18.00 Good, Red Series
F177 He.219 "UHU" Owl Night Ft. $20.00 Good
F199 Vengence Mk.II A-31 $18.00 Good
F199 Vengence Mk.II A-32 $18.00 NM+ Red Series
F162 Blackburn Skua $18.00 NM Red Series
F178 Me 410 A-1/U4 $20.00 VG Red Series
F178 Me 410 A-1 or U-4 $22.00 Final Logo w/"Bomber Destroyer" cannon
F248 Me-262A $22.00 Exc Red Series
F195 JU87G Stuka Tank Buster $18.00 Good, Red Series
F186 Lockheed P-38 L or J Lightning $22.00 Red Series
F258 Swordfish Mk.1 $18.00 Good, Red Series
F171 Hurricane IIC $18.00 Good
F400 Mirage IIIE/O $18.00 VG
F239 DH Hornet F.Mk.3 LR Fighter $22.00 VG
F225 MC 202 Folgore $15.00 Good
F158 MC 202 Folgore $20.00 Good (older logo)
F196 Mustang P-51A Mk.2 $18.00 Good
F394 Spitfire $25.00 Good, 2 splits
F404 La-7 Russian Fighter $12.00 Good
F228 Gannet AS1/4 $18.00 Gannet AEW conversion available
393P Focke-Wulf 190 $35.00 Fair Old Logo 1950s, Early issue
326P Meteor 8 $45.00 Exc Old Logo Early Issue
F217 Vampire FB Mk.5/50 FB $18.00 VG
None Mark IV Interceptor Fighter $125.00 Good, Early Flying Model
F163 Vickers Vimy Trail Blazers $24.00 VG
F-163 Vickers Vimy Last Logo $22.00 VG
F273 Harrier Mk.1 $20.00 VG+
122P HMS Revenge (Triang) $95.00 Exc++ Orange Series
F215 Lancaster $38.00 Exc Last Logo
F201 Heinkel He. 111 H-1/H-6 $28.00 Final Logo

Last Updated on 5/8/06