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  Hawk Model Kits

Hawk De Havilland DH-4 - Solid Wood Aircraft Model, 1/48, 56

Wood Model Kit,   Box Condition: Fair+


Rare model from the 1930s for the advanced collector. Note the low kit number (36) in this series. Hawk was one of the few manufacturers making wooden kits to a constant scale of 1/48. However, the company was innovative as it quickly included injection molded accessories. This model features a 3D (three axis) cut fuselage, profile (2D) cut wings and tail feathers, fully formed wooden wheels, metal propeller and 2 machine guns, wooden stock as needed, clear material for the windscreen, full color insignia and high quality, full-size plans. Never started and complete.

Hawk Rocket Power 3 Guided Missiles Dart Little John La Crosse, 1/48, 614-50

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Poor


Rare and an ideal builder. Constant scale kit includes all three missiles on a unique and colorful cardboard display. Inside, the kit is like new and has never been started. The cardboard display for the missiles is in 'mint' condition. Inventoried 100% complete with all parts, decals and instructions present. The box has extensive damage as shown and the sides are in similar condition.

Hawk Atlas Satellite InterContinental Ballistic Missile ICBM, 200

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG


Rare, one and only issue from 1956 of the theorized (and incorrect) Atlas Intercontinental Ballistic Missile. Features three stages, optional position entry doors, launch pad and crew members. Molded in correct gloss silver, white and transparent red plastic. Box is in 'very good' condition with nice color and gloss, four solid corners and no tape (other than the factory sealing tape. Flaws in include those shown - mainly edge and corner wear, general light shelf wear as shown and one 1" closed tear on the top short side. It is only visible from up close. Inside, the kit is excellent. It includes the original two Hawk bags and the one 'krinkle' bag for the transparent red parts. All of the bags have been opened. The kit has been carefully inventoried and it is 100% complete with all parts, 'very good+' condition decals and instructions.

Hawk Curtiss Racer R3C-1 - One Piece Box Issue 1949 - (R3C1), 1/48, 600

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc++


For the advanced collector. This is a model kit with a fascinating history as it may be among the very first injection molded kits produced in the United States (please see the article about early USA kit production on this website). The Hawk model company was the most innovative in America and had been making constant 1/48 scale models in wood and metal since the late 1920s. During the re-run of the World's Fair in 1933, Hawk may have made the world's first injection molded airplanes models - but they were not kits. The models were completely finished and were on display for the princely sum of $25 each. The Mates brothers, who founded and ran Hawk, were quick to incorporate this new technology by adding injection molded details to the wooden kits in the late 1930s. During the war, Hawk put it's injection molding knowledge to work making ID models for the US Armed Forces. Originally there was a nation-wide program to have children and adults make these from wood, but consistency was an issue - injection molded solved this problem. Immediately after WWII in 1946, Hawk made the Curtiss Racer model injection molded in black tenite. The box was a simple one-color affair. This kit, like Varney's PT-17, met a very cool reception at hobby shops. Hawk quickly changed the box to two colors, added box artwork and molded the kit in bright yellow acetate. That was the second issue, still from 1946. By 1948/49 Hawk was using injection molded styrene plastic and still molding it in high-gloss yellow - that is this kit, the third issue. Other than the material, there are subtle changes to the box. It is still one piece but much larger, has much simpler (and larger) text on the end flaps and the box top says "All Plastic Airplane Assembly Kit" (instead of "...Construction Kit"). The box is in remarkable 'excellent++' condition with great colors, no creases, rips or tears, no splits and all 6 flaps present and 100% attached. The box has not been crushed or flattened, which is unusual as it was not very strong. Inside, the kit has never been started and has been inventoried 100% complete with all parts and instructions. The instructions are in excellent condition. Please note that Hawk did not issue decals with this issue of this kit.

Hawk Vickers Viscount Jet-Prop Capital Airlines With Capital Viscount Flyer - Picture Gallery Issue, 1/96, 503

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc++


Rare model of the first commercial turboprop airliner, and it includes the rare Capital Airlines one page "The Jet Prop Viscount' advertising sheet. The box displays beautifully and is in 'Excellent' condition with as new color and gloss, four solid corners, no tape and no price tags, no fading and no litho tears. Light general wear and a very light stain on the lower part of one long side are the only flaws. Includes passenger boarding ramp and Capital airlines decals in 'excellent+' condition with light age yellowing as the only flaw. Never started. It has been inventoried complete with all parts and includes decals and instructions. The box top would grade even higher than 'excellent++' but is graded as such because there is a very light stain on the top long side.