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Hasegawa Mig-25 Foxbat A / Mig-23S Flogger / F-15 Eagle / F-16A Fighting Falcon, 1/72

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG


SALE!! Includes all four kits. They have never been started. All parts are still in the internal factory sealed bags. With decals and instructions.

Bandai Panzerkamphwagen VI Tiger II King Tiger Sd.Kfz.182, 1/24, 8217-2500

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc


Very rare, large and legendary model that features fantastic detail inside and outside, a complete interior, with engine and all crew stations and equipment, full working independent bogie suspension, crew members, full color paint guide and decals for multiple tanks and more. The kit has never been started. Almost all of the parts are factory sealed. The few that were not sealed have been inventoried and NOTE: missing one small part, I31, a tiny shock absorber part. It cannot be seen when the kit is assembled, but you can easily make one from the other three that are present. Otherwise includes all other parts, decals and instructions.

Bandai 150mm Self-Propelled Howitzer IV Hummel Motorized for Radio Contorl - (Bumble Bee), 1/15, 8351-5000

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc


Sale Pending
Email for availability.

Very large 1/15 scale kit that is detailed and rugged for real operation. Features metal parts in high stress and wear locations, injection molded parts, working suspension, full gear boxes, two Mabuchi 56 motors sealed inside the original boxes, extensive running hardware, incredible gun and interior detail, opening doors and hatches, individually molded track links and much more. Never started. Inside, it looks factory fresh. All but one tree it still factory sealed. The open tree has been inventoried complete. With decals, instructions and motors. Please note that Bandai did not include the Radio Control (R/C) with this kit, it must be purchased separately and adapted to the model.

Tamiya German King Tiger Porsche Turret Sd.Kfz.182 Tiger II Panzer VI Konigstiger Ausf.B, 1/16, 36201-20000

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good++


Amazingly detailed and beautifully molded plastic and metal kit. Metal parts include lower hull, inner and outer drive sprockets, idler wheels, idler tension drums, idler arms, wheel shafts, suspension housing, tension shaft, torsion sway bar and dozens and dozens more - more than I could count. Essentially the entire fully functioning suspension and wheels are all metal. Features separately molded tracks, rotating turret with elevating gun, commander figure, machine gunner, Panzer grenadier, accessories and much more. The kit has never been started. All trees but one are still factory sealed. The single tree that is open ("G" sprue) has been inventoried and NOTE: it is missing (2) small grabirons (hand holds, part G19). These are a simple "C" shape and can be made from wire. Otherwise complete. Includes decals and instructions.

Tamiya M4 Sherman RCT Radio Controlled R/C Tank, 1/16, RT1601

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG+


Sale Pending
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Huge, highly detailed and beautifully molded metal and plastic model kit designed for remote control. Features fully assembled all metal gear box with motors, numerous metal parts in all of the right places for durability, full hardware, fully functioning metal-sprung suspension, separately molded tracks, rotating turret with elevating gun, accessories and much more. Many of the parts are still factory sealed. The ones that are no longer sealed have been inventoried and they are complete and the instructions and decals are included. NOTE: this kit has very neat and minor and neat assembly with 5 parts. The top back hatch and four inside-the-hull retainers have been assembled to the hull to "professional" quality. There is no other assembly. The original owner made a professional quality rear panel (see lowest photo) that is a correct Sherman variant and professionally glued it to the back (apparently with CA glue, so you can remove it if you wish.

Tamiya Flakpanzer Gepard Radio Control, 1/16, RT1603

Metal and Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG


Very rare and in exceptional condition. This kit needs little introduction - the Tamiya 1/16 Flakpanzer is legendary in detail, easy of construction and durability. It consists of a large number of highest-quality cast metal parts and injection molded parts. Includes all gear boxes, motors and running hardware for forward, reverse, turret and turning (Tamiya did not include the R/C gear). The kit has never been started. Inside it is like it left the factory and includes all display cardboard. All of the parts that were factory sealed are still factory sealed; the few that Tamiya never sealed have been inventoried complete. With decals and instructions.