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Tamiya Sturmgeschutz IV Sdkfz163, 1/35, MM187

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG


Very well detailed and molded. Never started and the parts are still in the internal factory sealed bags. Includes decals and instructions.

Guillows P-51D Mustang / Piper Super Cub 95 / Lancer - 16.5 to 24 Inch Wingspan Balsa Flying Model Airplanes, 905

Wood Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG to Sealed Exc


SALE!! Includes all three stick-and-tissue flying model kit in the original boxes. The Lancer is still factory sealed. The P-51 and Super Cub are never started. They have been inventoried complete with all parts and includes decals (if furnished) and instructions.

Estes Gemini Titan Launch Vehicle - Static or Flying Model Rocket - Bagged, 1/73, 1978

Multimedia Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG to Sealed Exc


This excellent model is very close to 1/72 scale and builds to an impressive 19.3 inch high scale rocket. Can be made for static display or as a flying rocket. Features plastic capsule and display nozzles, detachable clear plastic fin unit for flight and more. The kit has never been started. Inventoried and NOTE: missing one part, launch lug. Very easily replaced with a generic part. Otherwise complete including decals and instructions.

Revell History Makers V-2 with Trailer and Launcher, 1/54, 8601

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed Exc


Still factory sealed but the seal has tears. 1982 release. Re-release of the popular early 1960s kit. Has many operational features. Missile has removable panel with full interior featuring fuel tanks, rocket engine and more. Includes launcher and transport trailer/erector.

Heller Super Frelon SA321 - French Navy or Air Force, 1/35, 1040

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good++


Very large 1970s first issue of this 1/35 scale model. Highly detailed and features 346 pieces, 10 figures (pilot and commandos), well detailed cockpit, rotor hub & passenger interior, opening rear cargo door, complete engine exhaust system, opening side doors, crew boarding ladder, decals for both versions and more. Never started. The parts are still in the internal factory sealed bags and includes decals and instructions.

Revell USS Sullivans DD Fletcher Class Pre 'S' Issue, 1/301, H305-129

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc


1954 Pre-'S' release with beautiful artwork. The box has factory new gloss and color; the only significant flaw is the light stain shown at the far right center. Never started. Inside, it is exactly as it left the factory. The small parts are still in the factory sealed clear bag, while the large parts that were never sealed have been inventoried complete. Includes decals, flag sheet and instructions.

DML Arado Ar-234 B-2/B-2b Blitz Jet Bomber - 8/KG76 (Aircraft at the NAS Museum USA 1990) - 8/KG76 Germany 1945 / B-2b Germany 1944, 1/72, 5003

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good


Very highly detailed model that is superbly molded with all very fine recessed panel lines. Features parts for either version (including detailed cameras for the B-2b), highly detailed cockpit, detailed gear wells, photoetched parts and bomb load for B-2 variants. Has decals for the three aircraft listed. Never started. The parts are still in the internal factory sealed bags and includes decals and instructions.

Arii Cessna O-2A Skymaster - USAF, 1/72, A706

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good


Well detailed with full interior, correct upper and lower clear windows, rotating props, USAF decals and under wing stores. The kit has never been started. Internal factory sealed bag including decals and instructions.

Monogram Folgers Monte Carlo Stock Car - Tim Richmond NASCAR, 1/24, 2734

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed Good


Still factory sealed. This kit is from 1986 and features lift-off body, detailed engine, exhaust & underside, opening hood, full interior with roll cage, extensive decals and more.

Yellow Cat Japanese Navy Particular Type 2 Motor Launch Ka-mi Late, 1/35, 35024

Resin Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc


Very, very rare and highly detailed model cast in high definition resin. Never started. The parts are still in the internal factory sealed bags and includes instructions. The Special Type 2 Launch Ka-Mi (Toku-ni-shiki uchibitei kami) was the first amphibious tank of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) in WWII. However, too few were produced too late for it to have an impact. The Ka-Mi was designed, initially, to assault islands. However, by the time it entered service, the Japanese forces were already on the defensive. They were used for infantry support, sometimes as moving pillboxes. Three formed the 1st Yokosuka Special Naval Landing Force based at Saipan, while two saw action in Leyte in 1944. They were affected to various naval garrison detachments in the Southern Pacific and East Indies. The USMC encountered the Ka-Mi when assaulting the Marianna and Marshall islands, at Guam, Aitape and Biak in New Guinea, and during the invasion of Leyte. Some sources claim that, off the coast of Leyte, USMC LVTs attacked and destroyed some Ka-Mis. Two survived to this day at the Kubinka Museum and on Palau island.

Hasegawa F/A-18E Super Hornet Low Visibility - VFA-27 Royal Maces US Navy / VFA-14 Top Hatters, 1/48, 09736

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG++


Very highly detailed and one of the finest 1/48 F/A-18 kits available. Features all very fine recessed panel lines, detailed cockpit and gear wells, pilot figure, detailed air inlets, optional position canopy and air brake, separately molded leading edge slats, flaps, ailerons & rudders, pilot boarding ladder and more. Never started. The parts are still in the internal factory sealed bags and includes decals and instructions.

Williams Brothers Curtiss F9C Sparrowhawk - Akron or Macon, 1/32, 32-F9C

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good


Large scale (1/32) kit is nicely molded and well detailed for that time. Features very good interior detail, two types of wheels and rigging material and also rigging instructions. Includes decals for one of 6 different Sparrowhawks from either airship. This is the aircraft flown and maintained from the 1930s flying aircraft carriers (rigid airships) USS Macon and USS Akron. There is no assembly but NOTE: one small piece (forward crankcase engine cover) is neatly painted silver. There is no other painting. Inventoried 100% complete with all parts, decals and instructions present.

AHM Curtiss P-40E Flying Tiger - HO Scale, 1/87, SK-12

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed Good+


Still factory sealed and the seal has shrunk and drawn the box top concave as shown. This HO scale kit is very nicely molded and detailed with full color decals, movable control surfaces, colorful decals and full color painting guide on the back of the box.

Aurora US Army 155mm Long Tom Gun, 1/48, 331

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed NM


Still factory sealed. 1973 soft box issue in a Big 'A' logo square box. This model has many features including movable wheels, breech, recoil mechanism, limber and gun trails, crew of four scale figures, US Army decals and a battlefield display stand.

Special Hobby Focke-Wulf P.II (PII), 1/72, SH72005

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed Exc


Still factory sealed. Limited issue kit features all fine recessed panel lines, photoetched details, 'very good' cockpit detail and more.

Trumpeter Curtiss P-40B Warhawk - Tomahawk MkIIA, 1/48, 02807

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed Mint


Still factory sealed. Excellent kit from all new molds featuring many pieces and some photoetched details.

Revell Highway Pioneers Five Kit Gift Set - 1903 Model A Ford / 1910 Model T Ford / 1909 Stanley Steamer / 1903 Cadillac / 1900 Packard, 1/32

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good-


Very rare. From 1952 or '53. This is one of (if not) Revell's first gift set. It is Gowland-produced with no part number. Gowland designed and molded these kits as well as providing the box artwork (signed D.K. Gowland) and instructions - Revell did the marketing. Inside, the kit is correct with all cardboard dividers, all small parts still factory sealed in the correct wax paper bags, cars molded in red, black, dark blue, yellow and green, tires molded in black and correct instructions. The models have never been started. All kits have been inventoried 100% complete with all parts present. Before the 1950s 'model building' never made the top 10 list of boy's activities. Hobbies were nothing new to America in the 1930s/40s, but they were not mainstream. By the late 1910 and early '20s, many dedicated modelers were building flying or static airplanes, ship, train, automotive or other subjects. Basic kits existed, but the majority of these models were built from scratch, which demanded a high talent level developed from years of experience. By the 1930s, the 'Aviation Craze" had taken hold of this country and kits appeared everywhere. However, it was estimated at the time that at least 80% of these were never sucessfully completed (and fewer than that flown). That changed in the early 1950s with the advent of plastics and affordable injection molding equipement. The phenomenon of the all-plastic Revell/Gowland & Gowland 'Highway Pioneers' car kits was a significant force in proving that model building as a hobby could have mass appeal, provided that the kits were easy enough to build and finish. These 1/32 scale vehicles were completely molded to shape in color and could be built in an hour after dinner. When complete, they looked much like the real car. The Highway Pioneers series lead to the production of other subjects in plastic and the effect was revolutionary. By the early 1960s, model building was the #1 past time of American boys...and adult males as well!

Unicraft Mizuno Shinryu 2, 1/72

Resin Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed NM


Still factory tape sealed. Rare. Nicely detailed, limited-run resin kit.

Classic Airframes Fiat CR-42 AS - Italian Air Force Scuola Caccia d'Assalto Ravenna 1942 / 15th Stormo Barce Cyrenaica Oct 1942 / Sezione Autonoma Collegamenti Rome-Centocella 1945-46 / Luftwaffe 2/Nacht Schlacht Gruppe 9Turin-Aeritalia 1944 - (CR42AS), 1/48, 496

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc


Highly detailed injection molded kit with many photoetched parts, resin engine & super-detailed cockpit. Includes paint guide and decals for the aircraft noted. The kit has never been started. The parts are still in the internal factory sealed bags and includes decals and instructions.

Kora IAR-80A - Romanian Experimental Fighter With Jumo 211 Inline Engine, 1/72, 7206

Resin Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc


Excellent limited edition kit. Features main airframe parts in professional-grade castings, numerous photoetched parts, cast metal landing gear struts, excellent full cockpit, film instruments, detailed gear wells and more. Includes painting guide and full decals. The kit has never been started. The parts are still in the internal factory sealed bags and includes decals and instructions.