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Policies and Returns


At OMK (Oldmodelkits.com) our mission is simple. We strive to provide quality out-of-production kits for collectors worldwide while maintaining a high level of customer service.

To achieve this goal, we have defined the business, customer service and developed policies and quality control processes. We believe these to be reasonable and fair. Since 2003 they have helped make Oldmodelkits.com the largest and most successful direct-sales rare kit vendor on the internet.

Our Business

OMK is not a hobby shop. It is important to understand that OMK sells second-hand (previously owned) collectible, antique and out-of-production kits. As with any second-hand sales operation, we are not customers of Revell, Hasegawa, Tamiya, etc and do not receive any of the support that a hobby shop would receive.

Customer Service

At OMK, a high level of customer service is defined by:

  1. Responding to all emails, requests and estimates within 48 hours or less (except on weekends or holidays). Please set your spam filter to allow emails from oldmodels@yahoo.com or alan@oldmodelkits.com or you will not receive our response.
  2. Packing your order with USPS approved packaging materials.
  3. Mailing your order within the time frame printed on your on-line invoice (USA checkout) or on your email estimate (international orders).
  4. Insuring that you receive the kit(s) that you ordered in the exact condition described.

Kit Value and OMK

Older kit values depend on five items: rarity, subject matter, box condition, assembly status and completeness.

Rarity and subject matter are intrinsic to the model and beyond the control of OMK. A system of grading and inspection has been developed for criteria under our control:

  1. Box Condition
    All boxes are graded according to a defined grading scale. Please see 'About the Kits' page for full details. Values will decrease with lower box quality.
  2. Assembly Status
    The kit is checked for assembly. If it has been started, the work done and the quality of the work are specified in the description.
  3. Completeness
    1. Factory sealed kits are assumed complete. They will not be opened and inspected as removing the seal would decrease the value of the kit.
    2. Internally factory bag sealed kits are assumed to be complete. They will not be opened and inspected as opening the bag would decrease the value. Some kits were issued with some parts internally sealed and some loose (never bagged). In this case, the never sealed parts are inventoried before the kit is placed on the website. If complete, the kit will still be described as 'factory sealed internal bags'.
    3. If an opened kit is not internally sealed, it is fully inventoried against the instructions before the kit is placed on the website. If parts are missing, they will be noted in the description. Original glue, paint brushes, paints, body filler, etc are never present unless specifically noted.
    4. If any parts or decals do not belong in that issue (e.g. the plastic is a different color), it will be noted in the description.
    5. Kits will never be resealed - inside or out. Kits with suspicious external seals will be opened and inventoried before they are listed on the website and will be sold as opened kits.


We do trade for kits that we are seeking to stock. On trades, it is traditional for each end to pay the respective shipping unless there is a large discrepancy.


The OMK return policy is simple and is identical to all second-hand collectibles and antiques dealers:

All sales are final. No exchanges. If an item is not as described, please email us immediately (within 7 days of receipt) and clearly explain the issue. OMK will either:

  1. Locate and ship you the missing part or
  2. Ask you to return the kit in the identical condition that it was received for a full OMK store credit towards any future purchase. A full credit is defined as the sum of (original purchase price) + (original shipping cost) + (return shipping cost). Return shipping is by a specified method such as USPS Parcel Post in the USA or regular Airmail international.

Example of returns that will be honored:

Full database records of your order, including kit descriptions, are retained to assist in a timely store credit or replacement part(s).

Example of returns that will not be honored:

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