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Airfix Grumman J4F Gosling/Widgeon - Bagged, 1/72, 1421

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc


Airfix second type logo bagged kit with header. The header is excellent but the bag is not original. Very well molded and detailed kit. The kit has never been started. It has been inventoried complete with all parts and includes decals and instructions.

Yunyj Tyechinik Yakovlev Yak-18 II Light Acrobatic Aircraft - Bagged, 1/40

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc


Classic Cold War kit in large 1/40 scale. Features fine raised panel lines, pilot figure, 'in flight' configuration and decals. Molded in gray, white and clear. The kit has not been started. NOTE: missing prop retainer and display stand. Inventoried with all other parts, decals and instructions. I believe this is a 'Yunyj Tyechinik' release and not the earlier MZMPI. This company succeeded MZMPI (which was the first kit manufacturer in the USSR) and continued till a new name was introduced in the mid 1970s.

Hawk Supermarine Swift, 1/72, 607

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good++


Very cleanly molded kit that builds very nicely. The model has excellent fit and recessed and raised panel lines. Can be assembled with or without landing gear. The kit has never been started. It has been inventoried complete with all parts and includes decals and instructions. The Swift was a very early jet fighter to replace the Supermarine Attacker. A very capable aircraft, the Swift suffered numerous accidents early on. As a result, less than 200 were ever built and it did not see combat. It did hold a world speed record for a short time, only to have a Douglas Skyray take the record a few hours later. The problems were ironed out, but by then the Hawker Hunter was proving very capable and there was no need for the Swift and it's RAF service life was short. The most successful version was the PR variant.

Condor Heinkel He-178 V1 - The First Jet Aircraft, 1/72, C72003

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good


The He-178 was the world's first aircraft to fly under jet power. The first practical jet engine, invented by Dr. Hans J. Pabst von Ohain, was running in September of 1937. The engine, the HE S1, was fueled with hydrogen and no had throttle control but produced 250 kg of thrust. Von Ohain began work on the He S2B which ran on gasoline and had throttle control. At the same time, Heinkel engineers began design of the worlds first jet airplane, the He-178. The airplane was single-engined with a flush riveted metal monocoque fuselage, wooden wings and retractable gear. Trials with the S3b engine in the airframe began on August 24th, 1939 and on August 27th, the airplane made the first jet flight. It made 12 flights in all before being retired to the Berlin Air Museum where it was destroyed in a bombing raid in 1943. Nicely molded kit with fine recessed panel lines, photoetched details, film instruments and injection molded canopy. Never started. Factory sealed bag with instructions. Please note that Condor did not issue this model with decals.

Hasegawa Vought F4U Corsair - VF-84 USS Bunker Hill Feb 1945 / VBF-10 USS Intrepid April 1945 Okinawa, 1/72, C13

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc++


Very finely molded kit with decals for both aircraft. The kit has never been started. The parts are still in the internal factory sealed bags and includes decals and instructions.

Monogram Panzerkampfwagen Panzer IV H, 1/32, PM230-300

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good-


1969 'Green Box' issue. The Panzer IV mounted one 75mm gun and two MG24 machine guns. The 'H' variant depicted here had extra armor plates hung loosely from the sides to pre-detonate hollow charge projectiles. The kit can be built with or without this additional armor. Turret rotates and gun elevates. Detailed moving flexible treads and bogeys have spring action. Cupola lid opens. Includes extra tread links, Jerry cans and helmets with two crew figures. The kit has never been started. Inventoried 100% complete including decals and instructions. Please note that the decals are present but heavily aged; you will need to provide your own decals if you wish to build the kit. Box is badly stained and not in collectible condition.

Lindberg F-100 Super Sabre USAF Thunderbirds Motorized Jet Sound, 1/48, 3103M-200

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed Exc++


Still factory sealed.Dated 1968. Large scale kit with motorized sound. Features detailed jet engine and access panel, moving ailerons, rudder and elevators. Includes a very large and colorful decal sheet for the Thunderbirds markings.

AMT 1941 Plymouth Model P-12 Four Passenger Coupe, 1/25, T148

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed Exc-


Still factory sealed. Features opening hood, detailed engine and compartment, full interior and underside detailing. Molded in white, chrome, clear and rubber tires.

Fujimi Westland Seaking HAR Mk3 - Royal Navy or Royal Air Force, 1/72, 7A31

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG+


Very nicely molded and well detailed. Features very fine raised panel detail, optional external parts for RAF or RN variants, highly detailed cockpit and cabin for RAF or RN, optional position cabin doors, rotating main and tail rotors and weapons load. The kit has never been started. Internal factory sealed bags including decals and instructions.

MPC Battle of Britain Diorama Spitfire / Bedford QL / AEC Tanker and Crew, 1/72, 2-1206-200

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good


1970s kit is a complete diorama of a Battle of Britain scene. Features airfield display base, Spitfire model, AEC Tanker and Bedford QL kits and 11 crew. The model has not been started. The Spitfire is still sealed in the factory bag. The other parts are not bagged but are inventoried 100% complete with all parts, decals and instructions.

Airfix DH Comet 4B - BEA, 1/144, SK500

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG


1960s 'Third Logo' issue. Nice 1/144 scale kit of the world's first jet airliner. Includes clear windows, full landing gear, display stand, passenger boarding stairs and BEA decals. The kit has never been started. It has been inventoried complete with all parts and includes decals and instructions. The initial Comet Is were in operation long before the 707, which gave the British an incredible post-war lead in the expanding civil aviation market. Just as the Comet was flying high and orders were pouring in from around the world, Comets began to mysteriously fall out of the sky. Everything from lighting to terrorist bombs were blamed. For months the root cause went undiscovered. Then, in a landmark investigation that is considered the first modern post-crash autopsy, it was discovered that the stresses around a small ADF window on the top of the fuselage were causing metal fatigue failure when the fuselage was pressurized. To confirm this, a Comet I was placed in a water tank and subjected to pressurization stresses. After some time, a dramatic failure occurred. Then parts of a crashed Comet were pulled from underwater proving once and for all that this was the root cause.

Frog Sea Fury X - Royal Navy No. 802 Sq FAA HMS Ocean Korea August 1952 / Royal Canadian Navy VF-870 Sq 1951, 1/72, F154

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: VG


Very nicely detailed with fine panel lines and no rivets for a realistic model. Includes 59 parts, optional position folding wings, separately molded ailerons, elevator and rudder, movable prop and wheels and under-wing stores. With a color paint guide and decals for both aircraft listed. Never started. Inventoried with all parts, decals and instructions present.

Airfix Hercules C-130 with Bloodhound and Tractor, 1/72, 881

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Reproduction


Nice kit of the venerable Herc and missile. Interesting kit contains RAF decals and has a matching scale Bristol Bloodhound, launcher, transport truck and crew (with dog) included. C-130K kit is well detailed with movable control surfaces, opening cargo bay, full interior bay and cockpit detail, external fuel tanks, large display stand and rotating props. All C-130 parts are internally sealed and molded in that unique 'light mustard-green' plastic. The Bloodhound is molded in gray (possibly from a newer issue) and has been inventoried complete. Complete with decals and correct instructions that have both models on it. NOTE: this box is a reproduction box. It is very well done and complete, showing the top and all four sides. The box tray (bottom) is original and 'good.'

Minicraft 1804 Trevithick The World's First Steam Locomotive, 1/38, 11102

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc


From ex-Entex molds. The world's first locomotive was the 1804 Trevithick. On February 13 of that year, Richard Trevithick's high pressure steam locomotive pulled five wagons carrying 10 tons of iron and 70 men on the Penydaren Tramroad from Methyr to Abercynon, Wales. The nine miles was covered in four hours and five minutes but much time was lost cutting down several trees and removing some large rocks. At times they reached the unheard of speed of five miles per hour! The performance won a 500 Pound wager for the train's owner, Mr. Samuel Homfrey and proved for once and for all that smooth steel wheels could obtain traction on a smooth iron rail. Until this day, conventional wisdom insisted that only geared wheels running on geared track would be able to pull any load up the slightest grade. The model is from 1996 but the molds pre-date that. Older but very nice kit that is well detail and molded in wood brown, medium gray and black. Includes display stand. The kit has never been started. The parts are still in the internal factory sealed bags and includes instructions.

Hasegawa F-4EJ Phantom II - With Decals for 13 Aircraft, 1/72, KA7

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc+


Beautifully made kit dated 1990 and with 117 parts. Superbly molded and not from the 1970s F-4 molds. Very highly detailed and includes a huge decal sheet. The kit has never been started. The parts are still in the internal factory sealed bags and includes decals and instructions.

Airfix DH-88 Comet - Blister Pack, 1/72, 01013-9

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed Good+


Still factory sealed. From the 1970s. Includes markings for the Australia Air Race Comet from 1934

Encore Mig-3 x.6/12 - With True Details Resin Parts, 1/72, 1022

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Exc


Nicely done kit with True Details resin cockpit, alternate exhausts, corrected intakes, 30mm underwing cannon and weighted tires. The kit itself has all fine recessed panel lines and decals and paint guide for three different aircraft.

Airfix Panavia Tornado F3 - RAF 299 OCU/65th Sq Conningsby or 29th Sqn Conningsby 1987, 1/48, 09175

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Sealed Exc


Still factory sealed. Large scale kit that is very nicely molded and detailed with markings for two aircraft.

Airfix Boeing 314 Pan Am Clipper - 'Dixie' or BOAC 'Berwick', 1/144, 04172-6

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good


Type four logo box, likely from the 1980s. An excellent kit for that time. Has decals for both aircraft. The kit has never been started. The parts are still in the internal factory sealed bags and includes decals and instructions. In the 1930s Pan Am was a household word in the USA for their romantic foreign routes and the glamorous 'China Clippers' that crossed the Pacific Ocean, stopping at such ports as Wake Island. Pan Am's attention soon turned to the Atlantic. Since non-stop service would be needed, a new aircraft was designed. The Boeing 314 was chosen. This huge flying boat started flying the Atlantic mail in 1939 with a trip over 26 hours long. Before the war, the 314 fleet flew the Pacific, Atlantic and other routes. The airliner was a palace compared to the cramped jets and limited service of today. The flight deck compared to the bridge of a ship and housed 6 crew. It was connected to the passenger cabin by a spiral staircase. The luxurious cabins were divided into 5 standard compartments, each seating 10 passengers, a dining salon for 14, a special compartment for four and a deluxe bridal suite. 74 could be carried on day trips and 40 when sleeping quarters for all passengers was required. Chefs prepared gourmet meals while passengers lounged in deeply cushioned wicker chairs and enjoyed a grand view of the scenery from about 5,000 feet. The age of the Clippers ended shortly after WWII when land planes could operate at much higher speeds than the flying boats.

Aurora General Dynamics TFX F-111A - USAF, 1/48, 368

Plastic Model Kit,   Box Condition: Good++


This is the 'Big A' issue from 1972 of this classic kit. Aurora put forth an excellent effort at the time on this big F-111. It features good detail and swing wings, retractable landing gear, pilot and radar navigator and Air Force markings. The kit has never been started. The parts that were factory sealed are still in the sealed bags. The parts that were not factory sealed have been inventoried complete including decals and instructions.